Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chopin, Glacier, and Colorado Bulldogs

There ought to be a law, it seems to me, requiring every writer's blog to begin with a cocktail recipe. Actually, even better, there ought to be a law prohibiting writers from keeping blogs at all -- or, if not that, then at least a law prohibiting them from doing precisely what I'm doing now: writing in their newly created blogs inane introductions about keeping blogs. But if they're determined to begin a blog and, what's more, determined to write an initial inane post about keeping a blog, then the least they could do is offer something useful as well: like precise instructions for how to make the perfect absinthe sazerac or perhaps, in deference to The Mountain Goats lyrics inscribed on the front wall of The Ganesha Hotel, a quick, down-and-dirty recipe for the colorado bulldog. But the only liquor I drink, really, is vodka, and the only vodka I drink is Glacier, a potato vodka made in Idaho. It's relatively cheap -- much cheaper than the other wonderful potato vodka, Chopin -- and absolutely without the medicinal taste of all those wheat vodkas people drink (like Absolut and Grey Goose, both of which I'm presenting without links because I've already proven to myself that I've learned how to do links) mostly because they've never tried potato vodkas. Okay. That's it. Alcohol. Cute Picture of a Dog. Great indie band reference. Popular culture catch-phrase, quoted ironically (Soon-to-come.) Esoteric interests established. This first post is so done. Stay thirsty, my friends.


  1. Ooo yes! Next about some troubled time in your youth - maybe a casual mention of some run-in with the law (no Duke puns intended), tattoo temptations, writer's block and your struggles with nighttime city traffic noise and light from street lamps... your guerilla gardening project, maybe a reference or two to 80's TV shows or some other 'formative' public media maybe from your childhood... and the thing you're REALLY missing: the coffee shoutout. grande venti mocha latte frappachino double scoop triple shot espresso skim no whip with those little cinnamon sprinkles that make hot chocolate taste all funky-like. stick one of those in there somewhere.

    i love it!

  2. Clearly, John Gregory Brown is one of the great luminaries of our time--or any time.

  3. Really we are thirsty for your upcoming posts. I must appreciate your words here. Good Luck.

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